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In order to strengthen the competitive advantage of mathematics discipline of Nankai University, promote the development of Nankai logic, and built their reputation of Nankai logic in China and the world, the Nankai 

logic Group sincerely invites you to join:


Welcome to apply for the mathematics major of Nankai University. If you are interested in the direction of mathematical logic and want to continue to study in mathematical logic, you are welcome to apply for the master's degree and doctor's degree of Nankai University. You can contact your favorite teacher directly or send your CV to teachers will evaluate your CV regularly and reply to emails.


Welcome to join the Nankai Logic Group to make progress together. Our requirements for you are: under 35 years old, graduated from famous universities (or scientific research institutions).

Postdoctoral positions are limited. Please apply as soon as possible. Please send your CV, research summary and plan (within 3 pages)


Welcome to join the Nankai Logic Group. You can join Nankai University to become a member of our Group, or you can become our cooperative teacher doing academic upgrading. Please contact