lecture1:8:30 am - 10:00 am(GMT+8)

lecture2:10:30 am - 12:00 pm(GMT+8)

seminar:14:00 pm - 16:00 pm(GMT+8)

Location: First Lecture Hall, 2nd Floor, School of Mathematical Sciences

This summer school will be in-person, with no online live streaming available. The courses will be recorded and updated daily.南开逻辑投稿视频-南开逻辑视频分享-哔哩哔哩视频 (bilibili.com)

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Unfortunately, we are unable to provide accommodation for non-local students attending the summer school. You will need to book your own accommodation near the school. 

The Nankai Logic Summer School will be held from July 22nd to August 2nd, 2024 at Nankai University. We are honored to have Professor David Schrittesser from Harbin Institute of Technology and Professor Alessandro Andretta from the University of Turin. Everyone is welcome to participate!


David Schrittesser

David Schrittesser is Professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics at Harbin Institute of Technology. He specializes in descriptive set theory.


Alessandro Andretta

Alessandro Andretta is professor in Mathematics at the University of Torino (Italy).His main focus is logic and set theory, in particular descriptive set theory, and large cardinals.



School of Mathematical Sciences, Nankai University (Balitai Campus), Tianjin ,China

Course Overview

Definability and Infinite Combinatorics:

The curious cases of MAD families and maximal cofinitary groups

David Schrittesser

A curious phenomenon in set theory is that often, objects which are constructed using the Axiom of Choice must display very irregular properties, and as such, cannot have a simple definition. An example for this are MAD families. It was somewhat of a surprise that very similarly defined objects, the maximally eventually different families, can be constructed even without using the Axiom of Choice, and in fact, they can be defined by a formula using very few quantifiers, making them very simple objects from the point of view of descriptive set theory.

In this course, which is intended for students which have already taken a course in set theory, we give detailed proofs of these results and discuss all the necessary prerequisites. The goal is to give a quick but thorough introduction which brings the student to the edge of current research, including some of the still open questions in this particular area.


Aspects of Determinacy

Alessandro Andretta

This course is aimed at students with some knowledge of basic logic and set theory. In the first part of the course we introduce the Axiom of Determinacy and show its consequences on the reals. In the second part we will look at more advanced results. Possible topics are: consequences of determinacy for the Turing degrees, measurability of \omega_1, the Wadge hierarchy.



8:30 am - 10:00 am(GMT+8)


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14:00 pm - 16:00 pm(GMT+8)