The Tientsin Eye

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The Tientsin Eye is a Ferris wheel across the Haihe River, like an eye on a bridge. It is also one of the most famous landmarks in Tianjin. Every night when the lights are on, the colorful lights are very beautiful. Countless tourists will come here to take a view or take a sightseeing trip to enjoy a different romance.

There are generally two ways to visit the Tientsin Eye, i.e. taking the ferris wheel or taking photos from a distance. The ferris wheel costs 70 yuan per person. If you want to enjoy it alone, you can also spend 400 yuan to pack a box (limited to 5 people or less). It takes about 30 minutes for the ferris wheel to operate. The cabin is air-conditioned, so you can slowly and comfortably enjoy the open scenery around. Especially at night, when the lights are on, it is very beautiful.

If you want to photograph the ferris wheel, the best position is on the Jinggang bridge on the south side of the ferris wheel. Standing on the bridge, The Tientsin Eye is unfolded in front of you, surrounded by beautiful buildings on both sides of the Haihe River