Chinese Annual Conference on Mathematical Logic 2022

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Chinese Annual Conference on Mathematical Logic 2022 (CACML 2022) will be held in Wuhu, Anhui Province from November 25 to 27, 2022. This conference is hosted by the Professional Committee on Mathematical Logic of the Chinese Mathematical Society and organized by the Anhui Polytechnic University. The purpose of the conference is to provide a platform for scholars of Mathematical Logic and its applications to report the latest achievements, and carry out extensive academic exchanges and cooperation, so as to promote the development of Mathematical Logic in China.

This conference sets up the following topics: (1) Set Theory, (2) Recursion Theory, (3) Model Theory, (4) Philosophy of Mathematics. The conference will invite domestic and foreign experts in the field of mathematical logic to make thematic lectures on the above topics. The CACML 2022 will not charge any conference registration fee.

Due to the increasingly severe Covid-19 situation, this annual conference will be held online. The online meeting will be conducted through Zoom meeting and Tencent meeting tools.

【CACML2022大会报告----Antonio Montalban】

【CACML2022大会报告----Boris Zilber】

【CACML2022大会报告----Renlin Jin】

【CACML2022大会报告----Stevo Todorcevic】

【CACML2022大会报告----Shuguo Zhang】

【CACML2022集合论分组报告----David Schrittesser】

【CACML2022集合论分组报告----Yinhe Peng】

【CACML2022递归论分组报告----Nan Fang】

【CACML2022递归论分组报告----Mengzhe He】

【CACML2022递归论分组报告----Ruofei Xie】

【CACML2022模型论分组报告----Rizos Sklinos】

【CACML2022模型论分组报告----William Johnson】

【CACML2022模型论分组报告----Ningyuan Yao】

【CACML2022数学哲学分组报告----Yifeng Ding】

【CACML2022数学哲学分组报告----Dazhu Li】

【CACML2022数学哲学分组报告----Ruizhi Yang】

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Conference Program: Manual.pdf